Giant Puppet
Iain Gunn of Animal Cracker Conspiracy leading the World Day of Puppetry Parade 2015.
Art Making Event
Soiree Shadow puppets using an overhead projector.
Performance group led by Felix Diaz setting the beat for a giant puppet parade.
Eager Audience
Students lining up to enter the Performance Annex for a puppetry performance.
Paper Bag Mask
Art Making Event inspired by French puppeteers.
Animal Cracker Conspiracy stilt walkers at World Day of Puppetry celebration 2015.
Iain Gunn of Animal Cracker Conspiracy announcing the start of the Gnomesense parade.
Preschool Puppeteer
Four year old Luman performs in the Giant Puppet Parade.
Punch and Judy
Max Daily performs his signature Punch and Judy in an unmasked stage so the audience can see how the puppetry is done.
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